Panther Cubs Academy

Our staff members are individuals who enjoy interacting and teaching children everyday.

We follow Child and Adult Care Food Program nutritional guidelines, and offer well-balanced meals and snacks.

We strive to make a playful haven for young minds to learn and grow.

PCA has three classrooms separated by developmental readiness.

We believe in the Power of Play. Children have a beautiful sense of wonder, creativity, and imagination which are all vital tools in their learning. 

At PCA, we will have learning centers setup each day, and encourage children to explore freely at their own pace. Exploration is a fundamental practice in all the playing centers.  We hope your early learner's curiosity will grow each day, and they will never lose their sense of wonder. 

Kindness is something we believe the world can't have too much of, and the best way to spend kindness is by being kind. We will always be kind and respectful to your children and family. We encourage children to express their thoughts and feelings, but be mindful of their friends' feelings. At Panther Cubs Academy, we will treat each other with respect and kindness.  

We believe positive communities have a huge impact in our early learners. PCA strives to create a special childcare program that is warm and welcoming to everyone. We value the amount of trust you have in our childcare center, and we will cherish your children and family. 

We value the Platte community, and are thrilled to be apart of it. We hope the community sees the value in our childcare center. 


President: Bret Maydew

Treasurer: Vicki Jensen

Secretary: MacKenzie VanZee

Christina Martin

Tyler Samuelson