We believe in 

the power of play, community, 

and kindness. 

Platte, SD

At Panther Cubs Academy, we strive to provide a community that values and respects the early learner.  We believe children learn best through play. Each day children will freely explore meaningful activities in a variety of play stations sparking their joy of learning. Through these developmentally appropriate practices, we believe children who attend PCA will be prepared academically, physically, socially, and emotionally for future success.  

At PCA, we value outside learning and gross motor movement. We will have two fenced playground areas equipped with play structures, toys, and sensory play spaces for different age groups. When the weather isn't safe to play outside, our rec room will accommodate the children's need for gross motor play.

Our facility is licensed through DSS and follows all regulations set by them. We are a nonprofit childcare center, who strive to provide a caring, enriched, and safe environment.  We follow CACFP guidelines providing nutritional snacks and lunches.  Our center provides care between 7:00 AM - 5:30 PM.

Purposeful play... intentional play... powerful play...

What does it all mean?

Essentially it's all the same. PCA is striving for children to be children and explore, get messy, and just play. But teachers will be setting up learning stations, building models, role playing, and asking questions to build on children's knowledge and provoke deeper thinking.

Here are a few articles to help give more insight:

"The Power of Playful Learning in the Early Childhood Setting"